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My name is Heather and I am into fashion and photography. I am 17 years young and stand at 5ft 5. I live in the Sunshine state of Florida.
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Three Looks I love
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 6:02 PM
I love this look because she reminds me of a pirate. Silly reason? Maybe, but I absolutely love the look. To me the reason it looks pirate-like is because of the over coat, black pants, and most of all the shirt. But none the less I love it. It makes me want to go out and buy it.. or try to buy something close to it anyway. It fits her body really well, from her figure to her fair skin and hair. All over this look is beautiful in many, many way.s

This one was one of the first that took my breath away. Such a simple photo but brought to life by the model. The clothes are all black, so it's not like it's the vivid colors that pull you in, the background is plain, so not that either. It's the pose and the expression that I find absolutely alluring. I love everything about this look and this photo from both a fashion and a photographer mind-set.

This is one of those simple looks that makes me think more. I love wearing all white, even if technically it looks "bad" but I believe it looks amazing on her, from the beads, the way here hair is and her necklace, it all pulls it together. The small hints of color in the background is what originally made me look, but then I immediately saw beyond that. Love this look.

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